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Institute of Education, University of the West Indies


The volume aimed to provide a space for educators to share their experiential and reflective knowledge of the real world of education. The articles present voices from the field—graduate students and their course lecturers; CXC Arts and Design students, their parents, teachers, and school community; student teachers; a doctoral student; teacher researchers; and primary school teachers and their students. Contents: “The Community Action Project: Learning in and for the Community,” by Lorna Down; “CXC Cape Arts and Design – The Creative Project - Going Beyond Examination Assessment,” by Nadine Scott; “HIV and Aids Knowledge Attitudes, Risk Perception and Vulnerability of a Selected Group of Student Teachers in Three Jamaican Teachers Colleges,” by Vileitha Davis Morrison and Janice Holung; “Doctoral Supervision: Perspectives of the Supervisee,” by Loraine Cook; “No teacher, it nuh begin with ‘Once upon a time’: Strategies for Facilitating Engagements with an Informational Text,” by Paula Sunanon Webster; “Implementing the Constructivist Approach to Teaching: The Challenge for Teachers in Jamaica’s Primary Schools,” by Zellynne Jennings; “Physical Education in the Caribbean: Assessing Progress Through the CXC Examinations,” by Stafford A. Griffith.


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