Caribbean Report 28-03-1997

The Guyanese government has formalised its term for reducing the nation’s debt. It has reschedule its debt owed to Trinidad and Tobago and the United States. Next, a United States Custom Agent seized an illegal shipment of prized Cuban cigars from a trawler that arrived in Miami. Two were charged with smuggling and violating the U. S. Trading with the Enemy Act. In this segment, the Spiritual or so-called Shouter Baptist in Trinidad celebrate Liberation Day. However, members of this faith believe that they are still to be accepted by the Christian Orthodox faith. Next, almost two years ago the Soufriere Hill volcano in Montserrat rumbled to life displacing thousands of Montserratians fearing a massive eruption. Some have migrated until things have returned to normal. Those remaining on the island have tried to carve out a normal life as far as possible and this means celebrating Easter this weekend. Next, the family of murdered teenage, Stephen Lawrence, who was killed four years ago is calling on the Home Secretary to launch a public inquiry into the case. A former Guyanese test player now captaining the US team for the International Cricket Council trophy has noticed since getting involved in the game the remarkable improvement among the players, mostly from the Caribbean. The team spirit that they have they did not have before.
Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. Guyana succeeds in formalising plans to reschedule its debt to Trinidad and Tobago and the United States. Hugh Simon, Charge d'Affaires and Bharath Jagdeo, Finance Minister of Guyana are interviewed. Colin Smith reports (00:32-02:52)
3. Jamaicans moving in on schemes to smuggle Havana cigars into the United States. Leslie Goffe reports (02:53-04:52)
4. Liberation Day is celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago. Archbishop Clarence Baidsen, National Evangelical Spiritual Baptist and Senior Archbishop Raymond Oba Douglas are interviewed. Tony Fraser reports (04:53-06:58)
5. Life in Montserrat almost two years after the Soufriere Hill volcano comes alive. Montserratians are interviewed (06:59-10:43)
6. In Britain, black murdered teenager, Stephen Lawrence's family want the Home Secretary to launch a public inquiry into the case. Imran Khan, Solicitor is interviewed (10:44-12:52)
7. A former Guyanese test player who now leads the United States team for International Cricket Council trophy shares his thought about the team. Faoud Bacchus, former Guyanese test player is interivewed (12:53-15:26)