An analysis of selected aspects of Jamaican culture with implications for adult educational programs in the church

dc.InstitutionIndiana University
dc.contributor.authorGerig, Zenas E.
dc.description.abstractThis study analysed the following selected aspects of Jamaica's culture, which appeared to have the most influence on the educational programme in the church, in order to present suggestions for the church's adult education programmes: family relations, religion, and education. It was found that the family was basically maternally oriented, and was characterized by a predominance of early non-marital sex relations, and a lack of consistent intimacy and faithfulness in marriage. The predominant religion was the Protestant religion. The younger churches were constantly growing, while the older churches were struggling to hold their own in membership. However, these older churches, unlike the younger churches, were making strong efforts in various social involvements. The educational system was characterized by a traditional academic emphasis, with a low percentage of school-age children attending secondary school. The expansion of educational facilities could not keep up with the demand for school places caused by the high rate of population expansion. A large percentage of the adults were functionally illiterate. The analysis suggested definite implications for the church's adult programme to make it relevant to the problems that had been discovered in Jamaican culture. It was suggested that the programme, its materials, and leadership needed to be as indigenous as possible, and to take into account the nature of the Jamaican as well as the general characteristics of adults. An indigenous type of training was recommended for adults, which would involve them in identifying their own needs, and setting up programmes to meet these needs
dc.extentvi, 150 p
dc.source.uriMain Library, UWIM - BV1488 G47
dc.subject.otherChurch and education
dc.titleAn analysis of selected aspects of Jamaican culture with implications for adult educational programs in the church