Interaction between education and productive work

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In Guyana, "work-study" is the name given to the interaction between education and productive work. The objective behind it is primarily educational, although economic production is encouraged, since it has involved increased governmental expenditure. Through it, the individual learns to be a producer as well as a consumer. Work-study can take place in both formal and nonformal education and has succeeded in somewhat reducing the differences between general, vocational, and higher learning. Teachers' associations have increased cooperation from the community, and non-teaching personnel are now used in technical training. Positive results from this policy include a breakdown in the barrier between intellectual work and manual labour. Problems arise from inadequate occupational guidance for pupils and a lack of research on the subject


In annex: The Work-Study Education Programme, December 1980. Reply to questionnaire ED/BIE/CONFINTED/38/Q.2/80

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