Issues of gender and education in Jamaica: What about the boys?



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Office of UNESCO Representative in the Caribbean


In Jamaica as in other Anglophone Caribbean countries, there is growing awareness of, and concern about, the apparent apathy on the part of males towards formal education and the resultant lower numbers, compared to females, participating in the educational process at the higher grades of the secondary level and at the tertiary level. In this monograph, data have been synthesised and presented in an effort to focus on a range of issues related to boys’ education in the Jamaican context. Quantitative data are analysed in relation to issues of access, curriculum participation, and performance and, where applicable, the Z test of population difference was applied to establish whether the observed sex differences were statistically significant. Qualitative data, related to factors contributing to school dropout by boys, as well as the nature of gender relations in a mixed-sex secondary level classroom, are included.


Series Editor: Lynda Quamina-Aiyejina

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gender, education, Jamaica, boys