Caribbean Report 10-01-1997


This segment states that the environmental group Greenpeace is once again raising an alert about the nuclear waste shipment from France to Spain. Protest by the Caribbean nations have temporarily blocked this shipment through the Caribbean Sea. In the following segment the introduction of VAT in Barbados is discussed. Next in Antigua an ex-policeman is charged with the murder of English school teacher Gabrielle Stocker. Following,a British Court has declared the Saudi dissident Mohammad al-Massari is bankrupted. The British government’s attempt to deport him has been overruled. In the next segment Canada has underscored its seriousness about not tolerating US attempts to penalise foreign countries for trading with Cuba. Lastly, an unbeaten century from Brian Lara for the West Indies in a five wicket victory over Pakistan in a World Series match in Perth is highlighted.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:24)
2. Greenpeace raises another nuclear shipment alert David Morgan, Greenpeace spokesman is interviewed (00:26-05:04)
3. The Barbados government says it may impose a new system of control to stem price increases linked to Value Added Tax. Bertrand Niles reports from Bridgetown (05:05-07:46)
4. Antiguan an ex-policeman is charged with the murder of English school teacher Gabrielle Stocker (07:46-11:55)
5. A British court has declared the Saudi dissident Mohammed al-Massari bankrupted. Yvette Rowe reports (11:56-13:32)
6. Canada foreign policy. Canadian Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy is interviewed (13:33-14:29)
7. An unbeaten century from Brian Lara. Brian Lara is interviewed (14:30-15:23)