An investigation into the relationship of certain variables to the science achievement of a selected group of Jamaican fifth form students

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This study sought to determine the relationship existing between overall O'Level achievement, academic achievement in science, and 13 independent variables. Questionnaires and a mental ability test were used to collect data from a sample of 567 fifth form Jamaican students in 10 urban and rural schools, who were taking at least one science subject at General Certificate of Education (GCE) O'Level in 1976. Results of the data analysis showed that: 1) males performed better in science than females, but the overall performance in GCE of the females was higher; 2) the urban group performed significantly better than the rural group, both overall and in science; 3) the facilities provided by the school appeared to be more significantly related to science achievement of girls; 4) library facilities was the best predictor of overall performance in GCE O'Level; 5) vocational aspirations was the best predictor of science achievement; and 6) urban students displayed a more favourable attitude towards science than their rural counterparts


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