Report on an Institutional Review of The University of the West Indies: Volume I Report

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Canadian International Development Agency
The Institutional Cooperation and Development Services Division of CIDA <ICOS> commissioned this institutional review of the University of the West Indies <UWI> to examine the role of the University in relation to the development of the region and to assess whether and in what ways continued development cooperation could strengthen UWI’s role in this respect. The specific objectives of the review were: - to assess the usefulness of international development and assistance particularly from CIDA in the development of UWI, to examine how CIDA assistance to UWI has been managed, to determine whether further support might contribute to strengthening UWI: and, if so, to suggest what forms such support could take and which mechanisms might be most appropriate to ensure that it contributes optimally to UWI’s priorities and objectives and its role in the development of the region.
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