Management information systems as a tool for educational administrators in the Commonwealth Caribbean

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This paper introduces the essential concepts underlying management information systems (MIS) from the managerial perspective, then outlines a form of MIS design and implementation that may be attainable in a Caribbean educational setting. The growing importance of information and the increasing need to amass thorough information for decision making are noted. The paper then proposes using MIS to improve accountability, with the goal of improving the administrator's ability to defend budgets and demand autonomy. The capabilities of simple data banks and more advanced systems are discussed, with particular reference to the needs of educational administrators. The vital role of top management in supporting the implementation and acceptance of MIS is asserted. The paper then goes on to stress the need for adequate MIS management and to list the basic functions of the MIS within individual institutions. It concludes by noting the likelihood that MIS will only increase in value and complexity. Appendices show kinds of information that systems can make available and detail vital steps in MIS implementation


Symposium on the Professional Preparation and Development of Educational Administrators in Commonwealth Developing Areas, Bridgetown, Barbados, 26-30 Aug., 1985
Caribbean Society of Educational Administrators

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