Communication and education about AIDS



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Office of the UNESCO Representative in the Caribbean


This monograph explores potentially controversial AIDS education and communication issues described by medical students, and compares these issues to those reported in the Trinidad and Tobago daily press and discussed in the research literature. An analysis was conducted using retrospective data on medical students’ views on the incidence of AIDS in Trinidad and Tobago, and their approach to educating a young person about AIDS. The findings indicated that from an educational perspective, medical students who may be regarded as future health professionals, emphasize socio-economic factors and a view of education as information giving. From a communication perspective, the most common concern among six issues cited was with perceptions. Students’ views’ about a suitable approach were characterized in terms of 4 main goals, 12 types of focuses or emphases, and 4 key aspects of the communication process. The implications of these findings are discussed in relation to the medical education curriculum and public health communication efforts about AIDS targeted at youth.


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education, AIDS