Caribbean Report 04-04-1997


Opposition MP’s in Grenada walked out of the island’s parliament during a debate of a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Keith Mitchell’s, New National Party. Next, a Cuban/American drug smuggler has told Congressional investigators that he contributed money to President Bill Clinton’s campaign. He also explained how a leading Democratic fund-raiser solicited funds from him in the Cuban capital of Havana. The fund-raiser hoped to convince the Clinton administration to end the US embargo against Cuba. Next, Trinidad and Tobago national airline, BWIA continues to have serious problems on its New York route. Passengers are stranded for extended periods of time because some of its aircrafts are taken out of service for repairs. The Finance Minister, says it is a typical example of privatisation gone wrong. Next, a judge in Honduras is deciding whether a former Haitian police chief should be extradited to the United States on drug charges. US officials want to take him to Miami to face charges of involvement in drug smuggling between Haiti and the United States. Still in Haiti, the United National Security Council has confirmed that the United Nationals peace keepers will stay in Haiti until the end of July and then leave. During a period of decline when pundits were predicting their demise, trade unions in the Caribbean are undergoing something of a resurgence. The Caribbean Congress of Labour says that the membership is rising and unions are gaining new seats in the corridors of power. In this segment, the people of Montserrat are trying to deal with life under the volcano. Britain’s Channel 4 television is schedule to screen a documentary on the difficulties faced by Montserratians in and out the country. In the final segment, cricket may not be a traditional American sport but there are hopes that there will be a United States team in the Shell Sandal Tournament.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. Grenada opposition MP's back a colleagues refusal to withdraw a statement by walking out of parliament. Lew Smith reports (00:32-04:18)
3. A Cuban drug smuggle says that he contributed to President Bill Clinton's election campaign. Leslie Goffe reports from New York (04:19-06:48)
4. Stranded passengers want BWee to get its act together as a government minister speaks of privatisation gone wrong. Tony Fraser reports (06:49-08:36)
5. A former Haitian police chief may be extradited to the United States on drug charges (08:37-09:28)
6. Trade Unions in the Caribbean are gaining ground again. Bertrand Niles reports from Bridgetown. Curtis Augustus of the Barbados based Caribbean Congress of Labour is interviewed (09:29-11:58)
7. Britain's television audience is about to get a glimpse of Montserratians volcano experience. Warren Gordon reports (11:59-13:50)
8. There are hopes that there will be a US cricket team in the Shell Sandal tournament. Alvin Daniel, Vice-president of the Florida Cricket Association is interviewed I13:51-15:28)