Caribbean Report 21-03-1997


St Lucia Labour Party acting chairman has resigned. Leader of the St Lucia Labour Party says he is not surprised by his resignation. Next, the National Bar Association, an organisation of Afro-American lawyers has given its support to the defender of the European banana regime following this damming report by the World Trade Organisation. In the following, the government of the Dominican Republic has formally agreed to grant asylum to some of the Marxist guerrillas holding seventy two hostages at the Japanese ambassador’s residence in Peru. Next, in Guyana the appointment of Janet Jagan, the country’s new prime minister has been rejected by several opposition parties. Also, it is believe that Mrs Jagan could be in line for the presidency. In Suriname, legal moves are being considered to bring under control the unofficial pyramid investment schemes operating there.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. The St Lucia Labour Party says it is unfazed by the resignation of its acting chairman. Kenny Anthony, leader of the St Lucia Labour Party and Lawson Calderon, acting chairman, St Lucia Labour Party are interviewed (00:29-05:51)
3. Black lawyers in the United States said to be lobbying in support of Caribbean banana producers. Lawrence Boze, President of the National Bar Association is interviewed (05:50-08:37)
4. The Marxist guerrillas are granted asylum in the Dominica Republic (08:38-09:06)
5. Guyanese opposition parties are critical of Janet Jagan as prime minister (Ralph Premdas, Lecturer in the Department of Government, University of the West Indies, St Augustine (09:07-12:44)
6. Concerns have been rising about the popularity of the unofficial pyramid schemes operating in the former Dutch colony, Suriname (Hank Gurshant, Governor of the Central Bank, Suriname (12:45-15:30)