The first year of teaching: Teachers' planning and their perspectives on some aspects of teaching

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Apr-Sep., 1983

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This paper reports the results of a research study that sought to identify the process of teachers' planning and their perspectives on some aspects of teaching. The 19 teachers who formed the sample were interviewed over a period of 10 months. It was found that in their planning, teachers' thoughts were dominated by the search for novel "activities." The factors that influenced planning were students' ability levels and their preferences for certain activities. In their evaluation of the quality of their teaching, teachers relied on students' achievement and their level of participation or facial expression. The perspectives of these teachers indicated that they were aware of many teaching/learning principles and had formed a multifaceted conception of teaching. However, they did not always take these principles into account when planning for teaching. The implications for the teacher education programme, supervision, and continuing education are outlined


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