Caribbean Report 10-02-1997


Britain’s General Union, the GMB has joined the London based Haiti support group in protesting against what they call sweat shop conditions in Haitian textile factories linked to the Walt Disney Company. Next, more than one hundred and twenty women belonging to the Women’s Federation for World Peace, an affiliate of the Unification Church founded by Sun Myung Moon have been denied permission to extend their stay in Guyana. Next, the President of Peru, says there has been no international offers of a safe passage for the two Bakamaru rebels. Also, the leader of Peru, Panama, Brazil and other Latin American countries are in London attending a conference on strengthening trade links between Britain and the region. At the same time, Britain’s prime minister made a bid to lure some of the regions new wealth into Britain. Next, the mother of a black teenager attacked what she called a racist judicial system as she broke down in court today. Finally, Caribbean athletes led by Trinidad and Tobago double Olympic gold medallist Ato Boldon, injected life into the Millrose Games in New York. It is the most prestigious indoor atlethic meet.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. Walter Disney rejects charges of labour malpractice of Haitian factories making Disney garments. Des Farrell and John Dryer are interviewed (00:34-06:10)
3. Japanese women overstaying their welcome in Guyana has had an extension request denied. Colin Smith reports(06:11-08:03)
4. Britain attempting to strengthen trade links with Latin America. Warren Gordon and Carol Orr report (08:04-11:32)
5. Mother of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence broke down in court today. James Cameron reports (11:33-12:56)
6. Trinidadian Ato Boldon injects life into Millrose Games in New York. Ato Boldon and Herb Mckenley are interviewed. Lesley Gaffe reports (12:57-15:30)