Thrusts in vocational secondary education in Trinidad and Tobago and the need for evaluation studies

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This paper attempts to point out the origins of, and rationale for, increased vocationalization of education in Trinidad and Tobago. It also seeks to examine the proposed models for future vocationalizing and points out that various components of these models have been tried elsewhere before. Some recently attempted evaluation studies are examined. These studies, given their limitations, tend to show that vocationalization has had some success, though questionable. The paper then touches on an alternative model, which would ensure that vocational education is pursued as a complement to general education. Finally, the paper shows the need for evaluation studies and concludes that whatever the strengths and/or weaknesses of secondary vocational education, it will be prevalent for the foreseeable future


Conference on Vocationalizing General Education, London, England, 7-8 May, 1986
University of London

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