The role of agricultural education in accelerating development and technological change in Caribbean agriculture

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Several institutions in the Caribbean are involved in agricultural education, at the national and regional levels through the primary school system, up to the secondary and tertiary levels. However, the overall impact and net effect of these institutions on agricultural development in the region seems to have been less than was desired. Constraints and impediments are clearly identifiable in the wider economic, social, and political conditions affecting the development of Caribbean societies. Questions can be raised on the roles attributed to educational institutions, the resources and organizational structures, and the underlying philosophy and orientation that guide how they function as parts of the process of agricultural development. The paper takes a critical look at these issues and argues for the need to maximize resources through linkages and collaboration, provided that an adequate framework and national goals have been defined in support of agricultural development


Conference on the Socio-Economic Impact of Agricultural Education in the Caribbean, Port of Spain, Trinidad, 22-25 Jun., 1987

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