Caribbean Report 28-07-1988


This program features news on a pending agreement between the Jamaican Government and an American Aluminum company which would reopen Jamaica’s largest bauxite refinery. It also features the controversial body searches being conducted at British airports, which largely targets tourists from Caribbean destinations. The falling price of coffee on the wholesale market and efforts by the International Coffee Organization to address the phenomenon is also briefly examined, and the program concludes with highlights of both the IAAF World Junior Championships in Sudbury, Canada and the cricket match between the visiting West Indies team and Nottinghamshire at Trent Bridge.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines – Hugh Crosskill (anchor) (00:21-00:48)
2. Jamaican Government and Kaiser Aluminum of America set to sign an agreement which will reopen the island’s largest bauxite refinery. The BBC’s Jerry Timmins interviews Dr. Carlton Davis Executive Director of Jamaica’s Bauxite Institute, and negotiator on behalf of the Government of Jamaica. The estimated levels of production of the refinery and the implications for the Jamaican economy are among the topics discussed. (00:53-04:39)
3. The BBC’s Jerry Timmins discusses the issue of body searches at British airports with customs and excise officials. The discussion includes the controversial strip searches and “intimate” searches, and the rights of individuals where these types of searches are concerned. (04:49-07:38)
4. Financial News – (Hugh Crosskill). This segment also includes comments from analyst Robin Stainer. (07:42-09:00)
5. The International Coffee Organization meets in London in an attempt to restore order to the coffee market in the wake of rapidly falling prices. Hugh Crosskill interviews Robin Stainer regarding the issue. (09:05-11:12)
6. Highlights of the IAAF World Junior Championships in Sudbury, Canada. BBC correspondent Andy Edwards reports. (11:13-12:48)
7. Cricket Highlights: -- Nottinghamshire vs. the West Indies at Trent bridge. BBC correspondent Andy Knowles reports. (12:49-14:43)