Semi-Rhoticity in Trinidadian English of 7-8 year olds: Based on Dunross Preparatory School

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This study evaluates changing rhoticity in the traditionally non-rhotic variety of Trinidadian English. The rhotic features are linking r and intrusive r where these terms are together known as R-Sandhi or R-Liaison. Previous studies have described rhotic features in the Trinidadian English variety according to adult speech and in this study I examine these features in children’s speech. The study aims to determine these rhotic features in the speech of some children. This was done with the assistance of and permission to conduct the study at Dunross Preparatory School. I was allowed to interview five children in a classroom setting with their teacher. All the children ranged in ages 7-8 years old using a methodology that involved a wordlist, sentence and story reading elicitation tasks for the data collection process.
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