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Welcome to the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics sub-community. Our academic staff members are actively engaged in a wide range of research interests.

Our Linguistics research focuses on a number of subfields of linguistics including grammar (phonology, morphology, syntax), anthropological linguistics, applied linguistics, forensic linguistics, historical linguistics, language acquisition, sociolinguistics (including sociophonetics), sign linguistics, speech-language pathology, language documentation, and more.

The languages of our research include English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Trinidadian French Creole (Patois), Tobagonian (English Creole), Trinidadian (English Creole), and Trinidad & Tobago Sign Language (TTSL). Our staff and postgraduate students are researching aspects of these languages, as well as Arabic and Bhojpuri.

Our research into Modern Romance Languages and their Literatures include Culturometrics, Latin American Studies, Literary Representations of Indigenous Cultures of Latin America, Social and Political Issues and Literature in Latin America, 19th Century French Literature, Francophone Post-Colonial Studies, French Cinema, Luso-Caribbean Language, History and Culture, Portuguese Language Studies, Brazilian Film and Popular Culture, Afro-Hispanic Literature (Race and Hybridity), Hispanic Drama (Latin American and Spain), the Mexican Novel, Women in Hispanic Literature, and much more.


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