Caribbean Report 01-04-1997


The Clinton administration tightens immigrations laws. Next, Caribbean diplomats in Washington as well as the Caribbean community in the United States expresses concerned that Caribbean people resident in the United States will lose welfare benefits under the new laws as well as travelling in and out of the US may become a major problem. Next, the new appointed negotiator for the Caribbean Community gives his views on the World Trade Organisation interim report and its effects on the Caribbean banana producers. Next, Montserratians are struggling to cope with the continuing activities of Soufriere Hills. Next, in Britain a new Birmingham based fourth party joins Britain’s election race. It vows to take the interest of the ethnic communities to the forefront of the political agenda. Finally, acting captain of the West Indies team Brian Lara leads the team to a sensational win over India in Barbados.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. Immigration laws in the United States are being tightened by the Clinton administration. Margaret Mc Hugh of the New York Immigration and Immigration Welfare Agency, Chris Sale spokeswoman of the U.S. Immigration Service are interviewed. Kathy Pierre, Jane Hughes and Ken Richards reports (00:32-04:36)
3. Tough new American immigration laws fuel fears that Caribbean people in the United States will lose out. Guyana Ambassador, Dr Odeen Ishmael is interviewed (04:37-07:39)
4. The new appointed chief negotiator for the Caribbean community, Sir Shridath Ramphal gives his views on the World Trade Organisation interim report. Sir Shridath Ramphal is interviewed (07:40-11:23)
5. A level of alert raised in Montserrt as volcanic activities increases. James White Jr. reports (11:24-13:17)
6. Brian Lara, West Indies acting captain is a relieved man today (13:40-15:28)