Caribbean Report 11-03-1997


In the Bahamas, the government, Free National Movement and the Opposition, Progressive Liberal Party are both gearing up for Friday’s general election. Next, general elections are constitutionally due in St Lucia in a couple of weeks, however, there are several dramatic changes in the political landscape. The death of a Labour Party candidate and the resignation from the party of another, raises the prospects of a bye-election before the next general election and the likelihood of a former Opposition leader running as an independent. In the following, Montserrat’s dismissed Agriculture Minister said today that he was not clear on the reasons for his being fired. However, the Chief Minister, said that the Agriculture Minister’s decision to close down the operations of the Land Development Authority without consultation with the rest of the cabinet showed that he was no longer willing to work with the coalition government. Next, tomorrow will be a year that the United States President Bill Clinton signed the controversial Helms-Burton Act. Consequences of this legislation are discussed. Next, former West Indies opening batsman, Desmond Haynes is looking forward to life after retirement as a coach. In the final segment, a Saudi Arabian Bank, which would be guided by Islamic principles, is exploring the possibility of setting up a branch in Trinidad and Tobago.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:28)
2. Opposition PLP is predicting a close finish in Friday's general elections in the Bahamas. PLP deputy leader, Perry Christie is interviewed (00:29-03:48)
3. With general elections just a few weeks away in St Lucia there are a lot of dramatic changes in the political landscape. Rennie Lismore, Labour Party candidate, Damian Greaves,Sociologists, Velon John, Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition and Vaughn Lewis, Prime Minister are interviewed. Pete Ninvalle reports (03:49-06:22)
4. Montserrat's dismissed Agriculture Minister not satisfied wilth the reasons given for his removal. Moya Thomas reports (06:23-07:45)
5. The consequences of the Helms-Burton legislation on Cuba. Tom Gibb reports (07:46-11:11)
6. Desmond Haynes has in mind the future as a cricket coach. Former West Indies cricketer, Desmond Haynes is interviewed. Warren Gordon reports (11:12-14:29)
7. A Saudi Arabian bank may soon be in Port of Spain (14:30-15:27)