Educating for peace changing the cultureof the classroom



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Office of the UNESCO Representative in the Caribbean


“Changing the Culture of the Classroom” is an innovative teacher training programme based on the premise that children can be educated in ways of peace as effectively as they are socialized into a culture of confrontation and hostility. In light of the changing value placed on teaching today, it seeks to reassert the power and influence of the teacher in moulding young lives. One of its core beliefs is that the child who is educated in an environment in which he feels nurtured, validated, and respected is the child who is more likely to embrace values of peace. Teachers need to be equipped with the personal skills and resource that will enable the creation of a nurturing classroom where children can be empowered to develop in all aspects of their humanity. To this end, “Changing the Culture of the Classroom” seeks to draw into sharp focus the important emotional component of the learning process in producing young citizens who are confident, healthy, and able individuals who have indeed “learned to live together” in peace.


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peace education, class culture