Vocational-technical program components and competencies required by teachers for secondary and technical high schools in Jamaica

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This study sought to: 1) identify components of high quality vocational-technical teacher educational programmes; 2) determine what competencies were required by vocational-technical teachers in secondary and technical high schools in Jamaica; and 3) provide data relevant to certain decisions critical to the development of technical teacher preparation at the College of Arts, Science and Technology (CAST) in Jamaica. Research questions dealt with: (a) characteristics of vocational-technical teachers and administrators/supervisors in secondary and technical high schools in Jamaica; (b) importance of major categories of teacher training programme components; (c) ranking of components by vocational-technical teachers of (i) technology, (ii) home economics, and (iii) business education; (d) adequacy of training with respect to essential components; (e) significance of competencies essential to vocational-technical teachers; and (f) adequacy of preparation with respect to essential competencies. Data were collected from 110 vocational-technical teachers who were graduated by CAST, and 67 administrators/supervisors in 22 secondary and technical high schools in Jamaica. It was found that: 1) there were significant differences in rankings of programme components by teachers and administrators/supervisors; 2) there were differences between essential programme components for technology, home economics, and business education as selected by teachers and administrators/supervisors; 3) vocational-technical teachers prepared by CAST were not adequately prepared in most essential programme components and competencies; and 4) competencies selected by the three groups of teachers were similar. Most teachers selected competencies in the instructional areas of planning, execution, evaluation, and management


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