Environmental education: Curriculum guide for pre-service teacher education in the Caribbean: Upper secondary grades



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This documentation is intended primarily for use by teacher educators in teachers’ colleges in the English-speaking Caribbean. In preparation for the development of this module, the existing science and social studies and art and craft curricula for teacher education in some Caribbean countries were analysed, as well as a wide range of Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) syllabuses including biology, chemistry, physics, integrated science (single award), agriculture (single and double award), home economics, social studies, geography, history, art and craft, and industrial arts. The analyses served both to provide relevant content bases for suggestions for the infusion of environmental education (EE) into the curricula, and to provide information on the areas of content emphasis that might be most usefully supplied in the text. The module is divided into five chapters: Chapter 1 discusses some philosophical considerations dealing with EE and delineates objectives for EE in teacher education generally, and in the present situation in particular; Chapter 2 outlines and gives the basis for the approach to the inclusion of EE in teacher education programmes; Chapter 3 focuses on methodology and learning resources; Chapter 4 deals with some of the planning and evaluation skills students must master in order to become competent teachers; several unit exemplars are also included; Chapter 5 discusses several environmental issues. The document ends with a list of regional resources bases, and a glossary of environmental terms.


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Environmental education