Core curriculum guide for strengthening health & family life education in teacher training colleges in the Eastern Caribbean



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PAHO Office of Caribbean Programme Coordination


The principal aim of this curriculum guide is to support principals and tutors of teachers’ colleges with a framework for reorienting, reorganizing, and strengthening the delivery of health and family life education (HFLE) so as to promote and provide health learning experiences in the context of fundamental areas of everyday living. In its design and orientation, it seeks to: 1) present a positive perspective of health as a resource for living; 2) emphasize the relationship between health, personal, and community health and development and choices in daily life; 3) advocate approaches that focus on decision making and action for health; 4) provide learning experiences that will foster the development of trainees in a context of personal and social responsibility; and 5) delineate the key concepts and core areas for learning that are critical to the attainment of optimum health and well-being.


Carnegie Corporation of New York

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health and family life education, HFLE, teacher training