Gender privileging and socio-economic outcomes: The case of health and education in Jamaica



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This paper seeks to explore socio-economic consequences of gender privileging. In doing so, it clarifies the different ways in which the concept of gender privileging may be usefully deployed. In particular, it distinguishes between the notion of the privileging of a gender within a particular socio-economic context and the experience of privilege by a gender within that context. It then goes on to indicate the ways in which this has led to an experience of privilege by one or other of the genders. In linking the process of gender privileging to socio-economic outcomes, the process of gender socialization is explored as a mechanism through which socio-economic outcomes are influenced by gender privileging in various socio-economic spheres, in particular health and education.


Workshop on Family and the Quality of Gender Relations , Mona, Jamaica 5-6 Mar, 1997
Ford Foundation

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privileges, health, education