Schools in District 3: Status and Progress



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This is the report of a review of the instructional programmes of the schools in District 3, St. Lucia in 1993-94. Detailed analysis of key variables forms the basis of the report. These include: 1) the evaluation of information explaining changes in time on tasks by students and teachers, 2) performance in school based on both internal and external examination results, and 3) the quality of staff as facilitators of instruction. The changes are compared at various levels and periods using percentages, ratios, and averages to simplify the analysis. The review finds that the schools in District 3 are performing below national expectations. It is suggested that management of performance must be the focus in the district in order to improve the quality of instruction and output in the schools. Instructional leadership is the strategy proposed for improving conditions. This would involve the establishment of mechanisms for evaluating teachers’ performance, providing a supporting climate for teachers, articulating the goals of the school to teachers and students, and providing a conducive environment for learning.


Regional Workshop on Education Indicators in the Caribbean, Georgetown, Guyana, 13-17 Mar, 1995

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