A report prepared for the Commonwealth of Learning for consideration in a handbook for developing gender sensitive educational materials

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Organization for Cooperation in Overseas Development


This report includes sample components of the Comprehensive Teacher Training Programme (CTTP)--a distance education programme offering four academic upgrading courses to Caribbean women who are untrained primary school teachers. Though the bulk of the publication is made up of materials from these distance education courses, the opening section contains descriptions of the programme's general goals, its design for easy access, its flexibility, its relevance and functionality, its teaching and learning processes, its accessibility and gender inclusiveness and simplicity, and its delivery and support system. These points suggest that the programme is well-designed to serve non-traditional women students. The sample materials appended include: 1) the programme brochure; 2) tables of contents for mathematics modules and for the integrated science school-based assessment assignments showing programme accessibility; 3) information on designing materials for and supporting busy learners to show course management flexibility; 4) graphics, reading exercises, and home science experiments showing relevance and functionality; 5) an integrated science module table of contents, introduction, summary and glossary, a module test marking sheet, and a science module; 6) data on programme employee gender, sample edits of programme materials highlighting sexist material, and material on identifying and correcting sexist language to demonstrate the programme's accessibility, inclusiveness, and simplicity; and 7) a sample radio announcement to show the programme's delivery and support system


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