A six-year formative evaluation report (July 1, 1976 to June 30, 1982) of the Rural Education and Agriculture Program (REAP)

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Dec. 1982

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This study highlights milestones in the Rural Education and Agriculture Programme (REAP) in Belize between July 1979 and June 1982. Each programme objective is assessed. Among conclusions reached is that the REAP curriculum functions as a parallel structure to the established curriculum and has not yet succeeded in replacing it. The REAP curriculum, however, is only being emphasized at the senior primary level (Grades 6-8). Positive attitudes towards REAP are underscored, and it is posited that, in spite of problems of implementation, it has achieved goals relating to changes in diet and improved community involvement. The promotion of REAP district councils is hailed as a sign of continued expansion and institutionalization of the REAP programme


A report to CARE/REAP Advisory Committee

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