Primary school reading survey: Report

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Ministry of Education


This is the report of a survey conducted to ascertain the proportion of primary school-children in the 7-11 age group experiencing reading difficulty, and to identify the pupil, teacher, and school administration variables that might be associated with the reading problem. The study population comprised 690 teachers of reading and 18,341 children--9,393 boys and 8,948 girls--in 98 government primary schools. Data were collected by means of a summary sheet for numerical data, which was used to record the total results of the teachers' categorization of their children's reading performance, and a reading survey questionnaire, which was completed by each teacher. Results of the data analysis showed that 7,884 (42.9 percent) of the children experienced reading difficulty ranging from slight to serious, with 4,752 (25.9 percent) experiencing serious difficulty. Recommendations are made for improving the situation


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