English in Guyana's secondary schools: A case study in educational development

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This study attempted to investigate Guyana's use of the school, particularly the English language curricula, to aid in the unification of the country, through a consideration of American English curricular objectives that related to the Guyanese situation. A questionnaire was administered to virtually all the teachers of English in Guyana's public secondary schools, which required teachers to indicate which of 10 objectives they practiced or would be willing to practice. It was found that the teachers practiced 4.66 of the 10 American English curricular objectives, which suggested that British and Guyanese efforts, up to 1970, had failed to produce an indigenous English curricular design for Guyana's public secondary schools; 2) the teachers indicated willingness to practice 7.88 of the 10 objectives, which suggested that these objectives could be used as a foundation for the development of more indigenous curricula for the schools; and 3) the teachers' willingness to practice these 7.88 objectives indicated a pro-American attitude on the part of Guyanese teachers


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