The reality of occupational choice of first-year teacher trainees in technical education, Kingston, Jamaica

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This study sought to arrive at a better understanding of the reality of choice of first-year teacher trainees at the College of Arts, Science and Technology (CAST), as assessed by Holland's Vocational Preference Inventory (VPI). Subjects' personality patterns were investigated, in terms of consistency and differentiation, and the extent to which the profiles reflected congruence with programme specialization and occupational preparation. The variables were Reason for Programme Selection, Secondary Background (traditional or technical), Programme Specialization (Business, Home Economics, Industrial Technology, or Secretarial Studies), and Achievement in Specialist and in Education Courses. Findings indicated that subjects' personality patterns were consistent but not highly differentiated. They were at mid-range of congruence with programme specialization, but low in congruence with teacher training as an occupational preparation. Significant relationships were found between secondary background and programme specialization, and between programme specialization and congruence with teacher training. The Industrial Technology group was the only one from a mainly technical secondary background, and Home Economics the only group congruent with teacher training preparation


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