Caribbean Report 23-01-1997


St Lucia Banana Growers' Association has reached an agreement with a consortium of local bankers. Local bankers are to have a measure of control over the Banana Industry as part of an agreement between the beleaguered farmers and the bankers. Next, during its annual news conference on the Performance of Caribbean Economies, the Caribbean Development Bank warned Caribbean countries that they must tackle unemployment as a matter of urgency. Following, the Center for Public Integrity, a research organisation, says that only a small fraction of the Cuban American Community has had a significant influence on US policy towards Cuba. In this segment, some of President Castro’s opponents are sceptical about the joint agreement between Cuba and Havana, and Canada and Havana on human rights. They believe that it would not bring about the necessary changes needed to develop an atmosphere of improved conditions for government opponents in the country. In the next segment, the British government is concerned that its dependent territories in the Caribbean could be exposed to activities which could impact negatively on good government. They think that measures should be put into place should such happen. Finally, the Red Stripe Competition begins across the Caribbean tomorrow and the new format is designed to groom international players for the future.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. An agreement between beleaguered banana farmers and local bankers in St Lucia. Banana Industry Minister, Peter Josie and Julian Hunte, former Opposition Leader are interviewed. Pete Ninvalle reports from Castries (00:27-04:29)
3. The Caribbean Development Bank says that unemployment figures in the Caribbean need to come down (04:30-05:29)
4. The Cuban American community has little influence on US policy towards Cuba. Charles Lewis, Executive Directory of the Center for Public Integrity is interviewed (05:30-07:58)
5. Havana's foreign policy. Rosie Hayes reports from Havana (07:59-10:09)
6. The British government and its dependent territories in the Caribbean. Hubert Hughes, Anguilla's Chief Minister is interviewed. Ken Richards is reporting (10:10-12:32)
7. High hopes for the new look of the regional cricket competition. Chris Kennedy interviews Andrew Sealey, Executive Secretary of the West Indies Cricket Board (12:33-15:25)