Caribbean Report 03-02-1997

Haiti’s Foreign Minister is meeting with officials of the Dominican Republic in an attempt to resolve their disagreement over the deportation of Haitians from the neighbouring country. Haiti’s pre-carnival celebrations have turned sour. In the following, the issue of poverty in Dominica is addressed. Next, the European Union is pressing the World Trade Organisation to appoint a panel to hear the EU complaint against the US Helms-Burton law. Finally, Australian Captain Mark Taylor has accused the West Indies vice-captain Brian Lara of being an antagonist.
Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Haiti and the Dominican Republic try to resolve tensions over mass deportation. Jean-Michel Catoit is interviewed. Michael Norton reports from Port-au-Prince (00:30-05:10)
3. Concerns over the findings of a report on poverty in Dominica. Francis Joseph, Director of Christian Children Funds Dominica and Vincent John, Chairman of the East London based Dominica UK Association are interviewed (05:11-10:31)
4. European Union's complaint against the US Helms-Burton Law (10:32-11:46)
5. Mark Taylor hits back followilng Lara's criticism of the Australian's treatment of Robert Samuels. Interviews with Australia's Captain, Mark Taylor, Clive Lloyd, Manager of the West Indies Cricket team and Courtney Walsh (11:47-15:28)