An investigation into the processes associated with the reproduction of gender inequality in the secondary school: A case study

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This study investigated gender stereotyping in a co-educational school, seen particularly in the gender differentiation in subject choice, leading to different career paths for male and female students. It seeks to explore the extent of gender stereotyping present in the school, the factors associated with the reproduction of gender stereotyping, and the effects on students' aspirations and school experiences. The study also explores students' own perceptions of gender stereotyping, their responses to it, and whether these varied according to race or class as well as gender. The findings showed that gender stereotyping existed within the school and that a variety of factors was involved. Students made stereotypical curriculum choices out of a desire to conform to accepted norms of gender appropriate behaviour, both in the family and the peer group, as well as in accordance with their personal future role. Very few students successfully challenged the gender divisions within the school, and when this did occur, such a student was likely to be a girl


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