Physics education in the Western Hemisphere: A report from twelve countries

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American Association of Physics Teachers


This report summarizes the characteristics of physics education in 12 countries--Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, the United States, and Venezuela. An introductory chapter describes the goals of the Council on Inter-American Conferences on Physics Education, historical background, audience, and organization of the report. The next 12 chapters include: 1) general information about the country, 2) description of the educational system, 3) data and information on the state of physics education at each of the educational levels (primary, secondary, and tertiary), 4) descriptions of graduate programmes in physics, 5) efforts to improve physics education in the country, and 6) an analysis on the professional physicist. The final cross-country examination chapter includes a summary of the data and information collected. A general bibliography and bibliographies by country are appended


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