A study of the mathematics achievement of first-year and second-year students at Erdiston Teachers' College, January 1972

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Institute of Education. UWI


This study compared the performance of first- and second-year students, who were attending Erdiston Teachers' College as at June 1971, on mathematics tests. Mathematics Part I of the Final Year Mathematics Examination (1971) was administered to 102 second-year students and 99 first-year students at the college in June 1971. The main findings were that: 1) for both year groups, the mean performance of the male students was significantly better than the female students; 2) within both year groups, there were recognizable sub-groups of students of widely varying abilities in mathematics; 3) the main performance of the second-year students was significantly better than that of the first-year students; 4) the cognitive behaviours for the items on which both first-year and second-year students did not perform well, included mainly knowledge of terminology and knowledge of concepts; and 5) the content of items on which the first-year students performed significantly better than the second-year students was based on topics about mathematical properties and structures


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