The interpretation of Piagetian developmental psychology in terms of primary science - the need for research

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Caribbean Regional Science Project


This is an interpretation of Piaget's developmental theory based on a 1972 conference paper by Joan Bliss. Its application to primary science is discussed with reference to Science 5/13, a project of the Schools Council, Nuffield Foundation, and Scottish Education Department. Lessons to be learnt from the study of the stages of development in children include the following: 1) Children seem to perform best when they are actively involved in the learning situation; and 2) as far as possible, concrete examples should be used at the lowest stages until the power of abstraction develops. Among areas identified for research are: comparative study of the development of science/mathematics concepts between groups stratified by relevant variables, cognitive growth of children in the Caribbean, study to establish whether Piaget's stages are applicable to children in the Caribbean, and studies to identify the science/mathematics concepts that children have upon entering primary school


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