The role of creative drama in Caribbean education - an aesthetic form of generic learning

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Creativity flourishes in the cultural life of the Caribbean, expressed in music, dance, song, literature, painting, and sculpture. These are outer aesthetic "forms" that rely on inner "content" of feelings, imagination and perception. Through our conception and perception of the aesthetic image, our intrinsic values, a prime factor in reasoning, judgement, learning, and behaviour are mediated. Mediation is a process of discovery, which is effective when the inner (complex mental structures and feelings) head and heart interrelate with the outer environment (the group). Thus, the medium of creative drama can be structured for the specific purpose of mediating the development of the generic skills that are fundamental in education, culture, and life in the Caribbean. This paper focuses on the importance of structuring creative drama for the learning of generic skills.


Caribbean Studies Association Annual Conference, 15th, Port of Spain, Trinidad, 22-26 May, 1990

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