Environmental education: Curriculum guide for pre-service teacher education in the Caribbean: Primary and lower secondary grades



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This document is intended primarily for use by teacher educators in teachers’ colleges in the English speaking Caribbean. In preparation for the development of this module, the existing science and social studies curricula for teacher education in some Caribbean territories were analysed. The analysis showed that there is some coverage of environmental education related topics. This module provides up-to-date content as well as ideas for teaching about a variety of environmental education (EE) related issues at the teachers’ college level. The modules divided into seven chapters: Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the material, Chapter 2 describes and provides rationalization or the suggested approach to implementing EE ideas and concepts in teacher education, Chapter 3 outlines the integrating units and provides an overview of content to support the units/activities developed in the following chapter, Chapter 4 presents 25 units covering a range of topics related to environmental issues, Chapter 5 contains a description of activities suitable for use with student teachers, Chapter 6 describes some learning resources for EE, and Chapter 7 suggests a variety of strategies for evaluating learning. A glossary of terms related to environmental education is provided, as well as a bibliography of resources. An analysis of science and social studies syllabuses in use in teachers’ colleges in the region, which highlights the environment-related topics, is also appended.


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Environmental education