Some correlates of academic performance and social competence in a selected group of fifth form students in secondary (grammar) schools

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This study sought to identify--from the students' measured ability and their perceptions of their home and classroom environment--the most important correlates of academic performance and social competence. It also attempted to identify whether social competence was itself a correlate of academic performance. Data were collected from a select sample of 413 students in the fifth forms of three secondary schools of Kingston and St. Andrew. Results of the data analysis revealed that the correlates of academic performance were Measured Ability, Teacher Non-Punitiveness, Parental Occupation, Parental Support and Encouragement, and Intellectuality of the Home. The correlates of social competence were: Teacher Support, Teacher Work Organization, Student Involvement, Parental Support and Encouragement, Parental Interest in School, Intellectuality of the Home, and Measured Ability. Some relationship was found between social competence and academic achievement


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