Caribbean Report 05-03-1997

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The British Broadcasting Corporation


In this report the differences with Jamaica and Barbados over the signing of the shiprider type arrangement with the United has been downplayed by the United States Envoy, Richard Clarke. Also Mr Clarke was questioned on the US led complaint against the European banana regime at the World Trade Organisation. Next, Anguilla’s Health and Social Services Minister says that his country did not misinterpret the letter from Britain’s Foreign Secretary on reserve powers for governors of British dependent territories in the Caribbean. It states that in the future continued dependence might in some cases require an extension of reserve powers to be exercised by the governor if necessary. In the following, the Head of the OECS Secretariat says there must be a restructuring of the organisation as the OECS seeks to recover from serious financial difficulties. There will be cut backs both within the Secretariat and its offices abroad. Next, as Guyana’s President still remains in a critical condition in a hospital in Washington, his wife has been identified as his most likely successor. Next, a new Afro-American newspaper, Our World News, will soon be available at newsstands in the United States. It has promised to offer more sophisticated coverage of Caribbean affairs. Next, stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British newspaper. In the final segment, the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, will not face contempt of court proceedings after naming the five young white men responsible for the killing of the black teenager, Stephen Lawrence.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:37)
2. Jamaica and Barbados about to sign a comprehensive narcotics agreement with the United States. United States Envoy, Richard Clarke interviewed (00:38:02:58)
3. A letter from Britain on the reserved powers for governors. Anguilla's Health and Social Services Minister, Edison Baird is interviewed (02:59-06:26)
4. Cutbacks within the OECS Secretariat and its offices aborad. Head of the Organisation of Caribbean Secretariat, Swinburne Lestrade is interviewed. Bernard Niles reports. (06:27-08:51)
5. Janet Jagan is seen as a possible successor to her ailing husband, Guyana's President Cheddi Jagan. Sharief Khan, Editor of the state owned Chronicle is interviewed (08:52-11:22)
6. Our World News will soon be availabe at newsstands in the United States. Joelf Dreyfuss, Haitian born publishes is interviewed (11:23-12:42)
7. Stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press (12:43-14:30)
8. The British newspapers, the Daily Mail will not face contempt of courts proceedings (14:31-15:21)