The development of concepts of science: A survey of lower secondary pupils in Trinidad; first draft

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Apr. 1977

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Two tasks were administered to some 1,100 students in the 11 to 15-year age group in eight schools in Trinidad. Cognitive levels were then ascribed to pupils and results by age and by school year group are presented in tabular format. Results indicate that in the lower range school, some 28 percent of pupils in the first year were pre-operational; there was a striking difference in the percentage of late concrete operational pupils in the upper and lower range schools, and it was not until the fourth year of the more selective schools that many pupils reached the stage of formal operations. Possible explanations for observed gender differences are advanced, as are tentative results of an analysis of the conceptual demands of the West Indian Science Curriculum (WISC) Innovation Project. Much of the curriculum makes demands at the level of late concrete operations, which can only be met by some 35 percent of first-year pupils


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