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In the Faculty of Medical Sciences, St Augustine, the Department of Para-Clinical Sciences bridges the Pre-Clinical and Clinical Sciences. The Department has three (3) Units comprising: Pathology/Microbiology, Pharmacology, and Public Health & Primary Care (PHPC). Pathology/Microbiology and Pharmacology are taught in Years 1 and 3 and the PHPC department provides teaching from Year 1 to Year 5 of the undergraduate medical curriculum. The department also coordinates the skills laboratory. All units are involved in postgraduate medical programmes.

The Unit of Public Health and Primary Care delivers the Diploma in Family Medicine, the Doctor of Medicine (DM) in Family Medicine, the Master of Public Health and hosts the year 2 medical student research programme. The Unit of Pathology delivers Master, MPhil/PhD degrees in Medical Microbiology, MPhil/PhD in Pathology and DM in Haematology and Blood Banking, and DM in Anatomical Pathology. The Unit of Pharmacology delivers MPhil/PhD in Pharmacology. Research is a mandatory requirement of all MPhil/PhD and DM programmes.


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