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The Institute for Gender and Development Studies of The UWI, formerly the Centre for Gender and Development Studies (CGDS), is founded on the understanding that social, cultural and historical processes have constructed and reproduced unequal gender relations within society. The Institute emphasises scholarship and teaching that is broadly comparative and recognises that gender is a fundamental category of analysis in all disciplines. The work of the Institute is three-fold, comprising teaching, research and outreach. The intellectual goal of the IGDS is to develop new approaches to knowledge creation and social scientific inquiry that will inform our teaching, research, institutional and community practices.

The IGDS is an autonomous unit located in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor of the University and is not attached to any faculty. This underlines its relevance to all disciplines and facilitates collaboration with all faculties. It is a regional institute consisting of a Regional Co-ordinating Unit (RCU) located on The UWI Mona Campus, and three Campus Units - at Cave Hill, Barbados (Nita Barrow Unit); at Mona, Jamaica (Mona Campus Unit); and at St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago (St. Augustine Unit).

The IGDS UWISpace collection includes: papers, outcome documents, policy briefs and proceedings from IGDS (and CGDS) seminars, workshops, conferences and research projects; photographic and media collections and archives; affiliate, associate and Institute staff and student research, course information and other material.

It should be noted that the IGDS holds all copyright and intellectual rights to the documents archived here, unless otherwise noted. Further information on the Institute for Gender and Development Studies can be found at


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