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Theme: Fostering Collaboration through Awareness for Research and Technological Development

2nd February 2012

Progamme of Events
9:05 AM Welcome
9:05 AM Head of Department of Computing and I.T.
9:15 AM Dean of Faculty of Science and Agriculture
9:25 AM Mr. Ronald Hinds
CEO Teleios Systems Ltd.
9:45 AM Mr. Rajnath Singh
10:05 AM Mr. Jamin Atkins
Environmental Factors Affecting Speech Recognition on Mobile Devices
10:30 AM Mr. Eshwar Bachu
An Online Multiplayer Game for Collaborative Problem Solving
10:55 AM Dr. Patrick Hosein
Interesting Topics in Next Generation Wireless Networks (LTE-Advanced)
11:20 - 12:25 PM Demonstrations and Poster Session
12:25 - 1:10 PM Lunch
1:10 PM Dr. Permanand Mohan
Senior Lecturer DCIT
1:35 PM Mr. Kish Shallow (remote)
Successes and Challenges of the Health Information System within St Vincent and the Grenadines
1:50 PM Mrs. Diana Ragbir-Shripat
Using Social Networking Technologies to Harness Creativity amongst Students
2:15 PM Dr. Rene Jordon
A Social Simulation of Housing Choice and Urban Regeneration Policy
2:40 PM Ms. Tricia Rambharose (remote)
Interaction Design for an Activity Area
3:05 PM Dr. Andrew Borg
BUSMASTER: An Open Source Tool
3:30 PM Mrs. Phaedra Mohammed
Formalization of the Dimensions of Context for Learning Objects
3:45 PM Ms. Shelly Ann
Games for Health
4:00 PM Ms. Vani Kalloo
MobileMath: A Mobile Learning Tool for Mathematics
4:10 PM Mr. Kris Manohar
A Generic Framework for the Capture and Storage of Medical Readings
4:20 PM Closing/Thanks


Recent Submissions

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    BUSMASTER – An Open Source Tool
    (2012-09-26) Lorenz, Tobias; Borg, Andrew
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    Using social networking technologies to harness creativity amongst students
    (2012-09-26) Ragbir, Diana; Mohan, Permanand
    This paper outlines proposed research into using a social network to harness creativity amongst students. It explores how the combination of creative learning theories, the requirements for creativity support tools and semantic web techniques will effectively support large numbers of members of the network to produce creative solutions to the specific problem that the network targets.
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    An Online Multiplayer Game for Collaborative Problem
    (2012-09-25) Bachu, Eshwar; Bernard, Margaret
    Teaching computer programming to novices has always posed a major challenge to educators, most novices acquire basic programming skills but they are unable to utilize them in a meaningful way to solve many of the non-routine problems which are presented to them. As a result, they do not achieve any level of programming fluency. Collaboration has been identified as a useful tool to help overcome this problem if utilized at the right times during the programming/problem solving process. This paper presents a review of computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) concepts, collaboration in programming and the problem solving domain. Finally, a design for a gaming application of CSCL (COPS) to help improve the problem solving ability of novice programmers is presented.