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    Raw data of feed used by farmers in Trinidad and Tobago
    (2023) Hughes, Martin
    Title: Nitrogen and crude protein fractions of commercial ruminant feeds in Trinidad and Tobago varies with feed type Rationale: Commercial concentrates are the main supplemental feeds used by farmers in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) to off-set nutritional or herbage deficit of forage-based diets for ruminants. While the CP contents of these commercial feeds are known, the quality of the protein for different classes of ruminants is unknown. Objective: This study examined the nitrogen (N), crude protein fractions and ruminal CP degradability of the most popular concentrate feeds used for feeding ruminants in T&T. Materials & methods: The 8 most popular ruminant feeds manufactured by the 2 leading feed manufacturers in T&T were selected for this study. Each feed type had 4 replicates. A maximum of 2 replicates were collected from the same location. Samples were collected over a 5-month period. Only 1 of the 4 replicates for each feed type was collected in the same month to ensure samples collected were from different batches and therefore adequately represented the feed-type produced by the manufacturer. Feed samples were analysed for N fractions by a modification of the Licitra et al., (1996) borate-phosphate method with extraction via the ANKOM F57 fibre bag in the DAISY II incubator. In vitro ruminal CP degradability was determined post 3, 6, 12 and 24 hrs incubation in buffered rumen inoculum. Degradability data were fitted to the Orskov and McDonold (1979) model to determine degradability parameters.