Caribbean Report 27-08-1999 

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00:31)
2. Residents in northern Bahamas are preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Dennis. The category one Hurricane with gale force winds of 80 mph is making its way through the island chain. Jerome Sawyer reports from Nassau on the island’s preparation for the first hurricane of the season (00:32 - 03:07)
3. In Grenada there is speculation that Prime Minister Keith Mitchell will announce a cabinet reshuffle in a national broadcast on national television. After the New National Party landslide victory in January 1999, Dr. Mitchell indicated that he would be devolving some of his key responsibilities including the Ministry of Finance. Junior finance Minister Anthony Boatswain is viewed as his likely successor. Lew Smith reports from St. Georges (03: 08 - 04:39 )
4. St. Vincent and Grenadines government is actively working on the air/transportation sector with possible funding by Taiwan to build a new international airport and extension of the runway at a cost of twenty million dollars. Glenford Stewart Communication and Works Minister discusses the need for the new and expanded airstrip (04:40 – 07:21)
5. Puerto Ricans are supportive of Police Chief Pedro Toledo following the arrest and indictment of his son Jose as part of a drugs and weapons smuggling ring in Miami. Operation Ramp Rat resulted in the indictment of American Airlines and other airport workers at Miami International airport (07:22 - 09:23)
6. Police in Venezuela use tear gas and water cannons to stop members of the country’s Congress from meetings and mass demonstrations. Political allies of Hugo Chavez’s dominated constitution assembly, police and national guardsman surrounded the Congress in an attempt to stop the meeting. Peter Greste reports on the clashes (09:24 – 11:10)
7. Cuba has withdrawn from the World Amateur Boxing Championships to protest a controversial decision against welt her weight boxer Juan Hernandez. Orin Gordon reports (11:11 – 12:37)
8. Caribbean athletes had mixed fortunes at the World Track and Field Championships in Seville Spain. Jamaican women sprinters Beverly McDonald and Merlene Frazer both had favorable showing in 200 m final (12:38 -13:35)
9. Notting Hill Carnival has long been viewed as a way of bridging cultural gap against a background of continuous racial tensions. BBC correspondents invite reflections and insights on Notting Hill Carnival from older participants in the festival (13:36 – 15:30)