Caribbean Report 13-12-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. The Association of Caribbean States are unable to agree on observer status for China. Barbados Foreign Minister Philip St Hill is interviewed (00:31-02:21)
3. The United Nations Security Council has appointed Kofi Annan Head of the United Nations Peacekeeping as the next United Nations Secretary General. Kofi Annan is interviewed (02:22-03:33)
4. Plans to introduce casino gambling in Trinidad and Tobago face church opposition. Finance Minister Brian Kuei Tung is interviewed and Tony Fraser reports (03:34-05:39)
5. Caricom governments to speakout against nuclear shipment in the Caribbean. Prime Minister Lester Bird is interviewed (05:40-08:54)
6. The WTO which has been holding its inaugural meeting in Singapore this week could deal a major blow to the economies of the Caribbean. It looks set to order the removal of European subsidies which protect banana farmers in the Windward Islands. Prime Minister Vaughn Lewis, Agriculture Minister Era DuVain and Farmer Peter Hunte are interviewed. Malcol Bravin reports (08:55-12:12)
7. Clearer weather in Montserrat has allowed experts to take a closer look at the activities in the Soufriere Hills Volcano. Scientist Dr Willie Aspinall is interviewed (12:13-15:29)