Caribbean Report 26-05-2000



Table of Contents

1. Headlines: (00:00-00:33)
2. “Haitian rights activists are protesting a crackdown on dozens of opposition politicians. Seven of those arrested were candidates in the Parliamentary elections held last Saturday”. At least 34 opposition militants have been detained since the elections. One opposition leader suggests that the arrests have to do with the fact that the election results are about to be announced. (00:34-05:35)
3.Following yesterday’s election In Suriname, the opposition New Front Coalition Party is heading for victory. Of the 51 seat Assembly, It is projected to win 33. (05:36-07:27)
4. US – Chinese trade relations have been normalized, but US Congresswoman, Maxine Walters, and other Liberal Democrats, believe Cuba should be given the same trade privileges. (07:28-10:53)
5. The Grenadian Police are investigating a daring daylight robbery at the Grand Anse Branch of Scotia Bank, allegedly carried out by two armed individuals. (10:54-12:20)
6. The second American Film and Music Festivals was launched this week in London, Island Grill. According to the promoters, the place to be in November 2000, is Montego Bay. Island Grill Promotions, the main organizer, hopes the festival will attract local, regional, and international talents, and dispel some of the negatives associated with Jamaica. (12:21-15:25)